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This wiki was created with the purpose of providing a collaborative, digital space for junior scholars to share information regarding upcoming conferences related to the field of political psychology.

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Conference Calendar

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13-15: Society for Philosophy and Psychology Annual Meeting (Brown University) LINK

20: Second Conference on Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology (University of Derby) LINK

20-22: International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology: "Culture in Psychology: Variation Within and Across National Borders." (Los Angeles, CA) LINK

20-22: 1st International Conference on LGBT Psychology and related fields – Coming out for LGBT Psychology in the current international scenario (Lisbon) LINK

24-26: IAPSS Panel “The Future of Democracy” at 21st Estoril Political Forumof the Institute for Political Studies (Lisbon) LINK

24-28: XV Comparative Education World Congress (Buenos Aires) LINK

26-28: International Conference “Psychology and the Conduct of Everyday Life” (Roskilde University, Denmark) LINK

26-29: 14th Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Action (U of Miami) LINK

27-29: 19th Annual Conference of the New Zealand Studies Association (Nijmegen, Netherlands) LINK

29-30: 17th Asian Studies Conference Japan (Tokyo, Japan) LINK

30-July 3: 26th Annual Conference of the International Association for Conflict Management (Tacoma, WA) LINK


4-5: ‘Race. Migration. Citizenship. Postcolonial and Decolonial Perspectives’ (Birmingham, UK) LINK

4-7: Inaugural European Conference on the Social Sciences (Brighton, UK) LINK

8-11: Annual meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology (IDC Herzliya, Israel) LINK

9-12: ECPR 2013 Research Sessions (University of Essex) LINK

10-12: Psychology of Women Section Annual Conference (Windsor, UK) LINK

9-12: The 13th European Congress of Psychology (Stockholm) LINK

10-12: Psychology of Women Section Conference (Windsor, UK) LINK

11: Social Futures Institute (SOFI) Conference: Social justice and social exclusion: critical reflections on coalition (government policy) LINK (Teesside University)

17-19: 28th Annual PsyPAG Postgraduate Student Conference (Lancaster U) LINK

18-20: CFP: 3rd Global Conference, Childhood (Oxford, UK) LINK

19-22: 2013 Symposia on Scholarship & a Free Society (Chapman University) LINK

24-26: The Understanding Society Research Conference 2013 (University of Essex) LINK

26-28: 5th European Conference on African Studies "African dynamics in a multipolar world" (Lisbon) LINK

31-August 4: 121st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (Honolulu, HI) LINK
  • APA Division 48: Outreach with Peace Psychology – Different Methods, Different Constituencies (Honolulu, HI) LINK


6-8: 2013 Obedience to Authority Conference: Milgram's Experiments 50 Years On (Toronto) LINK

21-23: 10th Biennial Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) LINK

27-28: Gender and Political Psychology Research Workshop (N Illinois University). LINK

28-30: BPS Social Psychology Section Annual Conference (U of Exeter) LINK

29-September 1: American Political Science Association Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL) LINK


1-3: 3rd Global Conference: Re-framing Punishment and the Body (Mansfield College, Oxford) LINK

1-3: 7th Global Conference Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging (Oxford) LINK

1-4: International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences International Academic Conference (Prague) LINK Submissions due August 1, 2013.

3-4: The discourse of austerity: Critical analyses of business and economics across disciplines (Newcastle University) LINK Submissions due July 5, 2013.

4-6: Qualitative Methods in Psychology Annual Conference (Huddersfield University) LINK

4-7: 7th European Consortium for Political Research General Conference (Bordeaux) LINK

12-13: IPSA-RC22 International Conference: “Political Communication in times of crisis” (Granada, Spain) LINK.

19-20: Whither Europe? European integration in transformation (Krakow, Poland) LINK

23-25: 5th Annual International Crime, Media & Popular Culture Studies Conference: A Cross-disciplinary exploration (Indiana State University) LINK Submissions due May 6, 2013


2-5: Conference on Inter-Asian Connections IV: Istanbul (Koç University) LINK

6-7: International Academic Conference on Holocaust Research (University of Toronto) LINK

24-27: The Third World Conference on Humanitarian Studies (Istanbul) LINK Proposals due September 1, 2013.



27-29: International Conference: Whose Beloved Community?: Black Civil and LGBT Rights Movements (Emory U) LINK Submissions due June 17, 2013.


11-14: 11th Biennial International Conference: "The Rule of Law in an Era of Change: Security, Social Justice and Inclusive Governance" (Athens) LINK Submissions due October 1, 2013.

19-22: International Society for Justice Research 15th Biennial Conference (New York University) LINK


8-13: 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology (Paris) LINK Submissions due July 15, 2013.

15-19: 17th European Conference on Personality (University of Lausanne) LINK Symposium submissions due February 1, 2014; Poster/Paper submissions due February 15, 2014.

15-19: International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology 22nd International Congress (Reims, France) LINK Submissions due January 30, 2014.


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